Clapton Craft Beer: A new beer and growler refill shop in East London that stocks international favorites

Clapton Craft Beer
by Cajsa Lykke Carlson East London’s craft beer scene continues to evolve; constantly bringing new, interesting concepts to an area that’s already home to a number of microbreweries. The latest addition is Clapton Craft, a beer...
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Wimbleys No-Show Socks: Boldly patterned socks that promise to stay put, just in time for summer

Wimbleys No-Show Socks
Whether you're sporting loafers or a worn-out pair of Chuck Taylors, in the heat of the summer, there are one too many sacrifices that come with the appealing sockless look—blisters, sweat and stink, just to name a few. While no-show socks have been...
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Magic Carpets 2014 in Casablanca

L’artiste Miguel Chevalier a récemment installé à l’occasion des Journées du Patrimoine de Casablanca cette œuvre « Tapis Magiques ». Rendue possible grâce à l’Institut Français et de Voxels Productions dans l’Eglise du Sacré Coeur, cette installation propose une projection de couleurs vives et diverses en mouvement sur le sol de la nef centrale.

Magic Carpets 2014 in Casablanca Sacre-Coeur9 Magic Carpets 2014 in Casablanca Sacre-Coeur8 Magic Carpets 2014 in Casablanca Sacre-Coeur7 Magic Carpets 2014 in Casablanca Sacre-Coeur6 Magic Carpets 2014 in Casablanca Sacre-Coeur5 Magic Carpets 2014 in Casablanca Sacre-Coeur4 Magic Carpets 2014 in Casablanca Sacre-Coeur3 Magic Carpets 2014 in Casablanca Sacre-Coeur2 Magic Carpets 2014 in Casablanca Sacre-Coeur1

A Modular Jacket Design


Can a single jacket be all things to all people? Of course not, but perhaps a single jacket design could be all things to all fisherman. A Japanese company called Mountain Research has developed this "Phishing Hoody," which at its core is simply a hooded vest:


But by adding removeable sleeves and a variety of extensions, the user can make the jacket longer or shorter, and choose pocket styles based on the gear they'll be carrying that day.



Smart ebike tour Cologne 2014

DAY 1 of the smart ebike tour Cologne 2014 - we are thrilled. On April 11, it finally happened: get on your bike and into the city – the design par..

East Van Roasters: Bean-to-bar (and cup) chocolates and coffees with a social mission in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

East Van Roasters
Just a short walk from Vancouver, BC's historic Gastown neighborhood lies East Van Roasters. Situated in the city's Downtown Eastside neighborhood, the airy facility fills the surrounding blocks with a nutty, toasted scent. The recently...
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Alessandro Mendini revisits Proust chair for marble exhibition

Milan 2014: Alessandro Mendini recreated his iconic Proust chair in marble for an exhibition of products shown by Italian company Robot City at Ventura Lambrate in Milan.

Alessandro Mendini marble Proust chair

Made for the Italian marble company's Solid Spaces show, the new iteration of the Proust chair is an attempt to create an object with a "hyper-realist" appearance by using marble to create an "almost surreal" effect, said Robot City.

Alessandro Mendini marble Proust chair

Originally created in 1978, the Poltrona di Proust chair became Mendini's best-known work. It was the first in a series known as Redesigns, which brought together his academic theories on the importance of historical context for design and the significance of surface appearances in a fast-moving world.

Alessandro Mendini marble Proust chair

The Proust chair was developed after Mendini stumbled across a copy of a Neo-baroque chair while researching ideas for a fabric pattern for Cassina, influenced by the work of French writer Marcel Proust. The original version of the chair was covered in a multicoloured fabric, with a pattern carried through in its hand-painted frame, enlarging and reproducing an artwork by Pointillist artist Paul Signac.

It was originally a one-off design, but its popularity led Mendini to produce variations in limited numbers.

Alessandro Mendini marble Proust chair

This marble version is one of four creations by different designers produced from a single 38.7-tonne block of white marble, excavated from a quarry owned by Robot City leader Gualtiero Vanelli.

The designs "give unexpected twists to the interchange between form, function, visual appearance, ergonomics, tradition and innovation", said Robot City in a statement.

Alessandro Mendini marble Proust chair

"Each of them enhanced the expressive and functional potential of this ancient, fascinating material, transforming it into advanced contemporary expressions according to their personal style and language."

The other three projects in the exhibition included shelves by Paolo Ulian, an undulating glass-topped table by Stefano Boeri, and a table with three rabbit-shaped chairs by Stefano Giovannoni.

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Toronto Raptors – We The North

Qualifée pour les play-offs de la NBA où elle affronte les Brooklyn Nets dans la conférence Est, la franchise des Toronto Raptors nous offre avec « We The North » un spot jouant avec intelligence sur leur singularité – seule équipe canadienne présente à ce stade de la compétition – pour se distinguer et la montrer comme un territoire hostile.

Toronto Raptors - We The North9 Toronto Raptors - We The North8 Toronto Raptors - We The North7 Toronto Raptors - We The North6 Toronto Raptors - We The North5a Toronto Raptors - We The North5 Toronto Raptors - We The North4 Toronto Raptors - We The North3 Toronto Raptors - We The North2 Toronto Raptors - We The North1

Holy Cow: NASA Says Pollution from Asia is Affecting North American Weather


Had the Industrial Revolution never happened, there'd still be doctors, lawyers, farmers and merchants—but there darn sure wouldn't be any industrial designers. It's a bit of a shame that the event that enabled our very profession caused such widespread pollution, but we didn't understand the environmental effects back then, and even if we did it wouldn't have stopped men like Carnegie and Loewy.

Now that we are grasping the environmental effects of pollution, what we're learning is staggering. A new study published this week posits that pollution from Asia's industrial boom is affecting the weather in North America. The study, performed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and reported by Live Science, finds that "Pollution from China's coal-burning power plants is pumping up winter storms over the northwest Pacific Ocean and changing North America's weather."

"The increasing pollution in Asian countries is not just a local problem, it can affect other parts of the world," [lead study author and atmospheric scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Yuan] Wang told Live Science. ...Wang and his co-authors examined how the tiny pollution particles in Asia play a role in cloud formation and the storms that spin up each winter east of Japan, in a cyclone breeding ground north of 30 degrees latitude. Monsoon winds carry aerosols from Asia to this storm nursery in the winter.
...The new study finds that sulfate aerosols are among the most important drivers of Pacific storms, by encouraging more moisture to condense in clouds, Wang said.

Interview: Aaron De La Cruz: The San Francisco-based artist on his new Ace Hotel mural and embracing imperfections

Interview: Aaron De La Cruz
by Eva Glettner Prolific artist Aaron De La Cruz was initially inspired to paint because he idolized his older brother. His now-signature style—which bounces from design, graffiti to illustration—is highly stylized and technical, blending influences from Mayan...
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