The images shows the massive scale of sci-fi ships

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Butter vs Margarine

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Funny Creative Terrariums

Conçus par Matteo Cibic, ces étonnants terrariums personnifient les plantes par leur forme bipède et extra-terrestre : les végétaux sont plantés au niveau du tronc supérieur, sous une cloche en verre. Tels des Art-toys, parfois blancs et minimalistes, parfois customisés et ludiques, ces pots originaux sont à découvrir dans la suite.

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What the US Thinks Of Europe

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The Incredible Melting Mandle

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The Apple Mac Bench made from Old Macs

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Aluminium bowls by Fort Standard stand on piloti-like legs

Fort Standard’s aluminium Standing Bowls are raised on slim angular fins that reference the planar supports used to elevate buildings above the ground (+ slideshow).

Standing Bowls by Fort Standard

Brooklyn-based studio Fort Standard created the range of oblong and circular bowls in three finishes: copper-plated, or powder-coated in pastel green or pink.

The piloti-style legs are a product of the aluminium casting process used to form the bowls, with each leg the a result of a gate – the channel used to convey molten aluminium to the mould.

Standing Bowls by Fort Standard

“Although there are literal leads from poured concrete foundations and buttress-type forms designed to support large structures, the architectural reference also helps explain the structural relationship between material process and the function of the object,” said Fort Standard designers Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings.

Standing Bowls by Fort Standard

The bowls come in two sizes and shapes: a small hemisphere with a 15-centimetre diameter and a larger 38-centimetre-long oval-shaped bowl. The smaller bowl appears to be sunk into a cross-shaped base, while the oblong bowl sits on a row of three fins that curve around its base.

Standing Bowls by Fort Standard

“The planar feet not only give rise to the bowl, but they are an expression of the minimum manufacturing constraints of the casting process,” the designers told Dezeen.

Standing Bowls by Fort Standard

The light-weight aluminium bowls are sand-cast in a Pennsylvanian foundry, which specialises in the production of industrial parts, and hand-finished at the duo’s Brooklyn studio.

Standing Bowls by Fort Standard

“The finishing processes are rough and crude so we have them ship us the de-gated forms to our studio where we can more carefully remove excess flashing and prep for powder coating or plating, which is also done here in Brooklyn,” they said.

Standing Bowls by Fort Standard

The three coloured coatings are added to make the bowls hygienic for storing and serving food.

Standing Bowls by Fort Standard

“Most of the products in our home collection are simply natural materials, [but] in this case the cast texture is harder to clean so we offer them coated with a food grade powder coat. The copper-plating is another material that has the same effect – actually an even better effect,” they added.

Standing Bowls by Fort Standard

The high-shine copper-plated bowls are left untreated to allow a natural patina to develop over time.

Standing Bowls by Fort Standard

“When we were going through the process of selecting the colours, we chose colours that we found exciting but also felt comfortable living with in a home setting,” said the designers.

Standing Bowls by Fort Standard

Standing Bowls were displayed during last month’s London Design Festival, as part of the Simplified Beauty exhibition at SCP East in Shoreditch.

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stand on piloti-like legs
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Redesigning Business at the 2014 AIGA Gain Conference


Following the pre-conference workshops on Wednesday, this year’s GAIN Conference was in full swing in NYC today, bringing together a great lineup of thinkers and doers to address the idea of redesigning business from a wide range of perspectives (hence the “Design and Business” moniker). Chaired by Nathan Shedroff with moderation help from Jeanne Liedtka, the speakers explored new ways of defining the value and role of design across organizations, continually referencing the human element and how design serves to connect people, and improve lives. The conference website has interviews with several of the speakers, and will be publishing videos of the presentations in the coming weeks.

Below are some of our favorite tweets covering the day’s activities:


Salvatore Calabrese at The Cromwell, Las Vegas: The master bartender discusses what it means to make a signature cocktail menu around the world

Salvatore Calabrese at The Cromwell, Las Vegas

There are few people in the spirits world with a name as recognizable as Salvatore Calabrese. Yes, he held the world record for most expensive cocktail (pricey because of the rare, vintage cognac he used dating…

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Wintercroft Masks Design

Le designer Steve Wintercroft a créé une série de modèles de masque en trois dimensions. De manière ingénieuse et ludique, les masques peuvent être facilement construits avec des boîtes de céréales et ou des vieux cartons trouvés à la maison. Les patrons des trois séries Animals, Halloween ou encore Humanoïdes sont disponibles à l’achat sur le site de l’artiste.