For Self-Portraits Not Selfies Ad

L’agence de pub Leo Burnett Switzerland a imaginé trois posters pour l’appareil photo de Samsung « NX mini » qui possède un écran 3 pouces qu’on peut retourner. On y voit Van Gogh ou encore Frida Kahlo en train de se prendre en photo et de réaliser leurs autoportraits les plus célèbres à travers l’écran de l’appareil photo. Avec le slogan « For Self-Portraits. Not Selfies » et de telles références, cette caméra se positionne comme un outil pour les artistes.

Photos by Fredrik Ödman.

Production Methods: How Machine-Made Candy Canes are Produced


The procedures used in the handmade candy canes from the last entry were foreign to me. So here’s a way to make candy canes that will appeal more to industrial designers, employing all of the big-ass mass-production machines that enable our profession:


Season’s Greetings from UnBeige

(Dan Flavin)
A Christmas card created by Dan Flavin and sent to artist Andrew Bucci in 1962. (Photo: Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution)

The word from the FAA is that Santa’s sleigh has cleared American airspace, and so as design lovers of all ages get to the business of unwrapping their bottles of Helvetica perfume, marsala-hued apparel and homegoods, books of medical oddities, Philippe Starck-designed illuminated hatrests, and 2015 typography calendars, we at UnBeige HQ wish you the brightest of holidays.

New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.

Africa Tallest Tower

Valode & Pistre ont été mandaté pour imaginer ce qui va devenir la plus haute tour d’Afrique en juin 2015. Le dernier record en date était de 223 mètres avec le Carlton Center de Johannesburg. Record doublé puisque le Noor Tour Al traduit Tour de la Lumière mesurera 540 mètres sur un site de 25 hectares dans la ville marocaine de Casablanca.

Africa Tallest Tower_11
Africa Tallest Tower_10
Africa Tallest Tower_9
Africa Tallest Tower_8
Africa Tallest Tower_7
Africa Tallest Tower_6
Africa Tallest Tower_5
Africa Tallest Tower_4
Africa Tallest Tower_3
Africa Tallest Tower_2
Africa Tallest Tower_1
Africa Tallest Tower_0

Production Methods: How Handmade Candy Canes are Produced


We designers are supposed to be familiar with production methods, and I enjoy guessing how various items that I’m unfamiliar with are produced. But whenever it comes to things like mass-produced candy, I’m always wrong. I’d never have guessed that producing candy canes by hand requires a 2,000-pound table to serve as a heat-sink, for instance. Watch as these two guys turn what looks like a vat of sugar lava into little crooked treats:


Why Was the Candy Cane Designed to Have a Bend In It?


Why does that ubiquitous Christmastime candy, the candy cane, have a bend in it? Here are three possible reasons:

1. Form Follows Function

As an industrial designer, I always assumed the bend in a candy cane was for a functional reason: So that you could hang it from the branches of a Christmas tree.

2. It’s a Metaphor

One popular legend has it that a German choirmaster in Cologne commissioned the design of candy canes from a local confectioner in 1670. The story goes that he wanted to hand them out to the kids to keep them quiet during the Christmas service, but was aware that candy had no place in the sober environment of a church; thus he supposedly asked the confectioner to make them resemble shepherds’ canes, to “serve as a way for the children to remember the story of the shepherds who came to visit the baby Jesus.”

3. It’s a Bloody, Inverted Letter “J”

Another story, which sounds totally apocryphal, has it that an Indiana-based candymaker invented candy canes to “[incorporate] several symbols from the birth, ministry, and death of Jesus Christ.” This version of the origin has it that it was shaped like a “J” for “Jesus,” and that the red stripes represent “the scourging Jesus received” and “the blood shed by Christ on the cross.”

So which version is true? debunks #2 and #3, so as a biased ID’er, I’m going to stick with #1.


Star Wars Samouraï Version

Voici des figurines tirées de l’univers Star Wars, Dark Vador et Stormtrooper, remixées en version samouraï par Bandai. Les figurines possèdent une quinzaine de points d’articulation et des mains interchangeables ainsi que des armes revisitées façon katana. Un joli croisement entre l’univers de George Lucas & le Japon féodal à découvrir.

Star Wars Samouraï Version_4
Star Wars Samouraï Version_3
Star Wars Samouraï Version_2
Star Wars Samouraï Version_1
Star Wars Samouraï Version_0

Best Red Bull Photos of The Year 2014

La marque RedBull n’est plus à présenter. Plus qu’une marque, cette entité organise une douzaine d’évènements incontournables toute l’année et passe, avec agilité, de sport en sport et des défis toujours plus incroyables. De la motocross au surf en passant par le plongeon, voici quelques-uns des plus beaux clichés de l’année 2014.

Best RedBull Photos of The Year_36
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_35
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_33
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_32
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_30
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_28
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_26
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_24
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_23
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_20
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_19
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_18
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_16
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_13
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_12
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_10
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_7
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_5
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_1
Best RedBull Photos of The Year_0

Happy Holidays from Coroflot: A Modern Krampus for the Modern World

Happy Holidays from our family to yours. Coroflot member Jeremiah Berkheimer posted this gem and we thought it was a great way to celebrate our diverse and often hilarious creative community.

When you’re Krampus, the European holiday goat monster known for stealing/beating children on Christmas, you get a pretty bad rep. Starting with a fuzzy red sweater, we decided to rebrand Krampus to appeal to…well, anyone.

Check out Jeremiah’s video and to learn about his Krampus re-branding project, check out his dedicated website for more lore and videos.


Best of CH 2014: ListenUp: Spaced-out synth solos, vocal experiments, emoji videos, exciting newcomers, legendary acts and so much more in the year's musical highlights

Best of CH 2014: ListenUp

As we bid adieu to 2014, we take a look back at the hundreds of new songs and albums (and even our own 4/20-themed playlist) we shared with our readers. While we said goodbye this year to a few music legends who have shaped today’s contemporary sound……

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